Amsterdam Property Corp. is a company which develops land in southern Maine.  We specialize in creating sub-divisions for residential purposes.

Our expertise lies in identifying suitable land for development, preparing plans for the highest and best use in coordination with local planning departments, and then building the infra-structure such as roads, water, electric, and sewer services, etc.

We work closely with builders of high quality homes in the greater Portland, Maine area and New Home Realty, a Maine real estate agency with particular expertise in the purchase and sale of new homes.

Financing for our projects is normally provided by First Portland Mortgage Corp. which is a related entity offering some of the most flexible and lowest cost mortgage financing in Maine for the buyers of homes in our developments.  Any buyer of one of our lots receives a below market rate of interest from First Portland Mortgage for construction and/or end loans, and since First Portland already offers the lowest rates around, this is a real benefit of doing business with our group!

Please click on the web address below to learn much more detailed information about finding and/or building your new home:

Amsterdam Property Corp.                               207-878-7770

Northport Business Park                                   800-370-5222

1321 Washington Ave.                                      207-878-7771 fax

Portland, ME 04103